A luxurious rural retreat based near Eastry in the beautiful garden of England. It was important that the website matched the quality of the Roseyard as well as incorpating the excellent photography of the rural retreat.

The Brief

We were approached to create a site that would advertise Roseyard and every building and room that it has to offer. We also had to ensure that new rooms/buildings could be added and existing rooms/buildings be customised in the backend. Roseyard also wanted a booking system that would allow users to book their stay online.

The Solution

Using WordPress as a CMS, we set up custom buildings & rooms that could be customised to the clients needs. We also implemented a booking system that could be tailored by the client to accomodate for changeover days/tentative booking and so on. The end result was a website that matched the luxurious feel of the Roseyard through the use of high quality photography and a customised booking system.